​Wayne Wall

NorCal State Director

Good Sam Club May 12, 2015

Riverbend Folk Band...On behalf of Northern California Good Sam Club I wish to thank you for your outstanding performance at our Samboree (rally) that was held at the Lodi Grape Festival Fairgrounds on the evening of Friday, May 1, 2015 .   Riverbend Folk Band was asked to return to this venue this year because of the great performance that you had given at the same event in 2014 .  We appreciate your interaction with the attendees and the selection of popular songs and your renditions that made a success for our event.  I am sure that your popularity will continue to grow and become more in demand from the community in the near future.  Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

Wayne Wall 

NorCal State Director

Good Sam Club

Jerre Haskew - The Cumberland Trio

"Phenomenal Folk Album- A Must Buy 
This new CD by the the Riverbend Folk Band is a well-selected group of great cover songs and originals that is incredibly well produced, mixed and mastered. The lead vocalist Ron Wilburne is simply without peer in the folk music business. His voice is clear, strong and melodic and is itself a fine instrument. The instrumentation is tastefully and cleanly performed with no "wasted licks." The mandolin and fiddle leads are particularly well done. My two favorites among these many wonderful performances are Tom Paxton's great song "I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound" and the late Harry Chapin's great anthem, "Circle." Bottom line- this is one of the finest folk albums in many years. Just trust me and buy it. Congrats to you guys!! BRAVO!!

Jim Claire -

"old smoothies
Riverbend delivers an excellent selection of songs, sung and played beautifully. Their arrangements are classic folk, that showcases clear harmonies sung around Ron Wilburne's fine, distinctive lead vocals. The interesting song choices shows their mastery of material from classic cowboy with "Tumbling Tumbleweeds", through folkie blues. "Still Hangin' Around" is an apt title for a CD by these assured professionals, whose feeling for folk comes through clearly to the listener."

Ralph Standiford, President Old Time Fiddlers, District #5 California- June 2010

"Hi Fiddle Friends:

Our Old Time Fiddle club can't thank you enough for so generously volunteering your time and talent to our June 6, 2010 Third Annual Fiddle Kids Music Scholarship Program fundraiser.

With your help we raised enough revenue to support this very worthwhile program for another year.

Our members and friends really appreciated your music and wish you every success as you continue entertaining audiences around the country.

Again, thank you so much and return as performing guests any time you can." -- Ralph

Gae  Ruddell - Activity Coordinator from Eskaton Village, Carmichael, CA

"Recently Riverbend performed for our adult audience, and brought down the house!  Our residents were delighted with the group's beautifully blended voices and extraordinary talent. They sang songs we'd long forgot that we loved, accompanied by lots of toe tapping and humming from the audience.  It's not often that we have such a level of talent performed for us, and we all look forward to Riverbend's return engagement, already scheduled for this Spring."   March 8, 2013

Here's What Folks are Saying about Riverbend Folk Band

 Needle Arts Group at Sun City Lincoln Hills

April 15, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
As a long-time member of the Needle Arts group at Sun City Lincoln Hills, and more recently serving as a Board member of this group, it was part of my responsibilities to hire competent entertainment for our annual Holiday Tea in December 2014. Since our “little tea” is actually a ballroom affair for over 200 women in our community—experienced, worldly, and with high expectations—I felt that only a really professional form of entertainment would do. 
     After having seen and heard the Riverbend Folk Band perform at the California State Fair in Sacramento the prior summer, where all the seats were filled & the audience totally involved, I was impressed enough to inquire on their web-site whether they would have room in their busy schedule for a daytime gig at Sun City in Lincoln. To my delight, I was treated as a serious client.  From start to finish, the hiring of the band was on a totally professional albeit friendly basis, and I was made to feel that our group was worthy of this talented group’s efforts.
     I was pleasantly surprised when I met Art Morgan, Ron Wilburne, and the two Daves: Fajen and Rietz. They were more than on time, they worked beautifully with the ballroom staff, they performed exactly as I had instructed (softly as the ladies took their seats, then with a mixture of serious music & fun tunes during the “concert” portion, and finally lively and brisk for the finale,    and their enthusiasm matched their talent. Gentlemen “of a certain age,” these fellows were people our retired ladies could—and did—identify with. Their music choices were smart and appropriate, and their talent, individually and together as musician/singers, was undeniable. What super showmen! 
     The feedback the band received from the ladies during intermission and after the performance was 100% positive, and many of our members sought me out to thank me for hiring such inspiring entertainment. One lady wanted to go home with them!   I Personally thank them for their  professionalism, quality, friendliness, and the sheer joy that this band brings to people of the Baby Boomer generation.  I am proud to endorse the Riverbend Folk Band to anyone seeking quality entertainment.  
Kristina Volker

Donald & Kristina Volker
2957 Black Hawk Ln.    Lincoln CA 95648